Cellar Džervin 1927

When archaeologists found a statue of Dionysus, the wine god of the ancient Romans, at the late antique site Timacum minus, in Ravna, right next to Knjaževac, it was proof that viticulture and wine production in the Knjaževac area have existed since ancient times. Even in the records of ancient writers of the third and fourth century, Knjaževac is mentioned as a vineyard.

In 1927, a wine cooperative was founded in Knjaževac and a cooperative cellar with a capacity of about 50 tons of grapes was built, which was the beginning of the creation of a future giant in wine production.

The temperate continental climate and over 300 sunny days a year, favor the vine in this area, and the honest attitude of winemakers towards vineyards and grapes results in top quality in bottles and glasses.