We arePremium quality wine producers since 1927.

The Dzervin cellar was founded on March 27, 1927 and had about 700 hectares of its own vineyards and produced about 6 million liters of wine, both table quality and top quality wine.

The wines were mostly sold in the former SFRY, then in Germany under the name Schlosberg, and they even reached Russia and Japan.


Plantation “Boševo” is located at the exit from Knjaževac to Zaječar, on the main road. The plantation is at an altitude of 250-330 meters.

01Our mission

Our mission is to invest in equipment, infrastructure and team development on a daily basis to meet the needs of the market for top quality wines that can be afforded at affordable prices. We strive to be focused on the right values, preserving the rich tradition of our cellar.

02Our vision

Our vision is to be synonymous with a company that is respectable and innovative, constantly setting higher standards both in the quality of wine and in the way of doing business.

introducing ourWine team

We have a great team of enthusiasts who are passionate connoisseurs of winemaking.

We believe that the key to success in winemaking is teamwork, and that is why we have put together a team with incomparable experience and passion for this job.